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Pictured from left:
Miriam, David, Roy, Claudia Steve Weagle, James Whelan, Charlotte, and Dennis Yuzenas.

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Link to WPTV

You can also see Steve Weagle on the Channel 29 10 PM newscasts, hear him on the radio, and read his weather reports in the Palm Beach Post.

Field Trip!
On September 28, 2011 Mr. Richard Tripp, Dean of Student Life, and Dennis Yuzenas, Essential Skills teacher, took five students on a tour of the WPTV studios in West Palm Beach. Our guide was none other than Steve Weagle!

Mr. Weagle, Meteorologist and local celebrity, spent almost an hour showing our Oxbridge students every aspect of local television news and introducing them to the behind the scenes people that keep Channel 5 the number one rated local news team in South Florida. Steve demonstrated the green screen technologies that he masterfully employs everyday on his weather reports. We'll be using this same technology in Essential Skills this year!

At right are Charlotte, Claudia, and Miriam onY's Weaglets on the WPTV weather set! Steve's weather set. In the left corner of the picture you can see the monitor that shows the girls chromakeyed on top of a weather map Steve used to demonstrate the green screen technology. Aside from a fun time, our students got a feel for what it takes to make a news operation function.

As an added bonus, James Whelan, WPTV meteorologist (in the red shirt pictured above) stopped by and spent some time chatting with our group. This was a positive and wonderful experience. Enough kind words can't be said about Steve Weagle and the great people at WPTV.

The WPTV trip to meet Steve Weagle was a part of Dennis Yuzenas' Advisory Group activities. Advisory is a pretty neat thing:

One of the many paradigm-breaking uniquely Oxbridge things about our school is our Advisory Program. Advisory is set up so that all students spend time twice a week with an Oxbridge Academy staff member outside of class.

The benefits of implementing school-wide advisory programs are time tested and well documented.  Advisory programs play a critical role in a school’s overall academic and student support services plan. 

Advisories are a primary vehicle for creating a more personalized learning environment where all students are well known by at least one adult.  The cracks that exist at most high schools aren't allowed to open up at Oxbridge.

Moreover, advisory provides a structure and a set of practices for monitoring and supporting students’ academic progress and college and career readiness throughout their high school career.