Atomic Disney

Censored Donald Duck found in Cheerios boxes...
Sometime in 1947 Carl Barks, as part of the Disney creative team, developed the story of Donald Duck manufacturing an Atomic Bomb. This small comic book was given away in Cheerios cereal boxes! It saw print as part of the small 32-page oblong Cheerios giveaways. Disney has banned reprinting this story in its original form.  Of all the duck stories that Mr. Barks produced for Disney over the course of 30 years, this is the only one in which the Disney people felt Donald was too "mean spirited" to ever see the light of day again in its original form. Here it is for the first time in over 50 years!

Donald Duck tries to build an A-Bomb. When he sets it off, instead of going "Boom," it simply goes "Fut" and everybody in close proximity to the aborted blast loses their hair-an eerily realistic response when one is exposed to high levels of radiation! What Disney objected to was that Donald then tried to sell people hair restoration cream.

When the comic was reprinted by the Another Rainbow publishing company Disney made Another Rainbow change the ending so that Donald is giving away "free samples" of his hair restorative in addition to other changes to "soften Donald's attitude."

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