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From the Big Bang to Martin Luther, hammer in hand, nailing 95 theses on that door in Wittenberg, Germany all the way to yesterday's lead story reported on the NBC Nightly News. That's our class. We begin our study of World History with the Big Bang and the period before humans even existed.

Students are asked, as part of their extended study, to visit the website and view the video. The video will be referred to in class and you'll be asked to use information from the video in a J/S entry.

Students will listen and watch as Dr. Donald Johanson, the very same person featured on page 8 from Chapter 1, Section 1 of our textbook, explains and leads an anthropological investigation into our earliest ancestors.

In class we'll be using our Journal/Sketchbook (J/S) Digital Portfolio for the first time to begin recording our journey through 13.82 billion years of history and two million years of human history.